Direct Carrier Billing

The region’s simplest and most trusted Direct Carrier Billing solution

The Intigral Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) solution is one of the region’s leading mobile payments solutions, enabling our partners to quickly go to market and extend their reach throughout MENA.

Our full service managed approach, leveraging our own platform, simplifies the process for merchants and operators, facilitating debit transactions and enabling our partners to easily profile their target markets, launch services and reach desired customers.

We are a one-stop-shop that quickly connects digital merchants, billing aggregators and OEM app stores to multiple operators.

Partners Management

The Intigral network of DCB partners is one of the largest in the region. Acting as the single point of contact for our clients and partners, we manage the full relationship between OEM stores, billing aggregators, digital merchants and operators.

Our connected partners include world-renowned app stores like Google Play, Samsung Galaxy store, Microsoft Windows marketplace, BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), along with the top international and local mobile payment aggregators and many other digital merchants.

As the DCB master aggregator for STC (Saudi Telecom Company) Group, we are uniquely positioned to develop key strategic partnerships for content owners and service providers, giving them unparalleled marketing opportunities through a variety of monetization models to effectively reach their target audiences



We simplify the transaction process by providing a one-time, direct technical integration with the top telcos in the MENA region. Our experienced team directly manages the technical development, integration, testing, validation and deployment with all our DCB partners.

The Intigral DCB solution enables all possible transactional and subscription-based charging requests through tailored and flexible business models, powered by multiple currency and pricing principles. We integrate to leading platforms (mobile, WAP and Web) through different page flows that provide unique branding opportunities for the digital merchants and telcos, while our smooth user-experience increases purchase conversion rates with minimal clicks to action.

By managing all aspects of the DCB billing and payment process (reporting, revenue assurance, settlement and reconciliation), we remove the burden from digital merchants, content providers and operators, enabling them to focus on the growth of their core business.


Intigral leverages leading analytics and business intelligence tools to enable digital merchants and content providers to improve their sales and reach. Our team regularly provides dedicated web-based reporting, predictive modelling scenarios and in-depth customer behaviour analysis.


Our extensive MENA network of business ready operator integrations enables our clients to quickly grow their sales and reach across a large audience; and as the master DCB service aggregator for the STC Group, we provide unique access to the region’s largest market.
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