Intigral announces broadcasting “Ain” educational channels for free via Jawwy TV

Riyadh, KSA, March 12, 2020:

As part of its commitment towards its national social responsibility, Intigral, the leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA, has announced broadcasting the Saudi Ministry of Education's “Ain” educational channels on its “Jawwy TV Home” and “Jawwy TV” application for free for all existing and new subscribers. 

In this regard, Intigral reiterated its full solidarity with the Ministry of Education’s decision, in light of the current Coronavirus situation, to suspend studies temporarily in all of Saudi Arabia’s regions and governorates, and to activate virtual schools and remote education. Intigral also expressed its keenness to keep up with all the latest developments regarding this issue to achieve national interest and social wellbeing by providing quality content that meets its users’ aspirations and covers the widest segments of society, thus adding real value at various levels, whether entertainment, educational or cultural. 

The launch of "Ain" educational channels as an alternative remote education solution was decided by the Ministry of Education as a precautionary and preventive measure to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The twenty channels of Ain offer educational lessons within a simple and clear format including examples, is given by male and female teachers, and targets all educational stages, including primary, middle and secondary. 

Remote education is a self-learning method that contributes towards strengthening the open education system and continuing education. The implementation of this system aims to meet several aspirations, most notably opening education to all, overcoming time, geographical and health barriers, employing qualified educational capacities, utilizing modern technologies within the educational process, and reducing student pressure on educational institutions. 

“Jawwy TV” is one of Intigral’s flagship offerings, and is widely regarded as a next-generation application for paid channel solutions due to the quantum leap it has achieved in enhancing viewing experiences for the region’s audiences. It focuses on providing entertainment offerings fit for the Arab family through utilizing world-class HD display technologies via smart devices, tablets and various digital receivers.

To watch Ain educational channels and various other programs, please visit, download “Jawwy TV” application from app stores, or contact STC customer service to request your home device.  

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About Intigral: 

Intigral is a leading digital entertainment company in the MENA region. It provides digital solutions via its “Dawri Plus” and ‘Jawwy TV’ entertainment platforms. 

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‘Jawwy TV’ offers the latest movies, series, and top premium and free-to-air TV channels which can be accessed either via smart devices or at home via a special Jawwy Home The platform offers over 20,000 videos that encompass top Arab and global productions including series and movies, in addition to a large library of exclusive and original entertainment content.

Through ‘Jawwy TV’, viewers can enjoy an exceptional experience watching various programs in HD without any breaks or advertisements. It also offers subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages. ‘Jawwy TV’ streaming services can be enjoyed via the Jawwy Home device or through iOS and Android devices and Chromecast features.