Intigral stands out with original and exclusive shows for Ramadan 2020 by contracting with some of region’s top production companies

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 21, 2020: 

Intigral, the leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA, has announced contracting with some of the region’s top production companies to broadcast distinguished drama productions on its Jawwy TV platform. 

‬‬‬Jawwy TV will present a number of original shows during the Ramadan season 2020 in collaboration with “I See media”, “Golden Line” and “Protec” production companies, namely “Aldeirah”, “Yamam”,“Hawas”,“ Itijah Khate'e”, “Ejaza”, “Bent w Walad”, in addition to the recently produced drama series “Yana ya Gedo”, which will also be broadcast via Jawwy TV platforms. 

Moreover, Jawwy TV will also offer an array of top anticipated Ramadan shows from its provider Widekhaliji, which can conveniently be enjoyed at any time and without commercial breaks. Those shows encompass pan Arab, Khaliji, and Egyptian genres, namely Khaliji dramas Mohammed Ali Rod, Al December, and Fi Thakirat el Dhol, Khaliji comedy Darwisheat, pan Arab dramas Al Saheir and Al Nahhat, and Egyptian drama Hob Omri. 

Through this step, Intigral reiterates its keenness to continually enrich and develop its offerings and keep pace with the latest quality and exclusive productions that fit the requirements and expectations of users in the region, especially during the Ramadan season, where the largest viewing percentage is usually recorded. Intigral also aims to strengthen its position as the best digital entertainment service provider in the Kingdom and the region, through offering productions that boast exciting narratives, feature famous actors from the Arab world, and reflect various dialects and cultures such as Khaliji, Egyptian, Levantine, and Bedouin.

In this context, Intigral’s CEO Mr. Hamoud Al-Rumayan highlighted the importance of this step in providing high-quality productions that satisfy Arab viewers’ tastes and enrich their culture. He extended his sincere greetings to Jawwy TV subscribers on the occasion of Ramadan, promising to present the best shows and dramas that entertain viewers during the holy month as well as provide an enjoyable experience during home-quarantine imposed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). 

Jawwy TV is one of Intigral’s flagship offerings, and is widely regarded as a next-generation application for paid channel solutions thanks to a quantum leap it has achieved in enhancing viewing experiences for the region’s audiences. It focuses on providing entertainment offerings fit for the Arab family through utilizing world-class HD display technologies via smart devices, tablets and various digital receivers. Jawwy TV also provides more than 20,000 shows in both Arabic and English, in addition to an array of special features, including the option to return to the beginning of a TV show or previously-broadcast episode at any time to watch missed parts, and much more. 

About Intigral: 

Intigral is a leading digital entertainment company in the MENA region. It provides digital solutions via its “Dawri Plus” and “Jawwy TV” entertainment platforms. 

Dawri Plus platform provides an interactive streaming service for football matches and other sports and is the highest-rated and most-watched TV channel in its category, thanks to a unique viewing experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

Jawwy TV offers the latest movies, series, and top premium and free-to-air TV channels which can be accessed either via smart devices or at home via a special Jawwy Home The platform offers over 20,000 videos that encompass top Arab and global productions including series and movies, in addition to a large library of exclusive and original entertainment content as well as  movies brought to you immediately after their screening in theatres.

Through Jawwy TV, viewers can enjoy an exceptional experience watching various programs in HD without any breaks or advertisements. It also offers subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages. Jawwy TV streaming services can be enjoyed via the Jawwy Home device or through iOS and Android devices and Chromecast features.