Jawwy TV to release its new Saudi comedy ‘FBI’ More new releases scheduled for June

Riyadh, KSA, June 8, 2020

Intigral, a leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA, has announced an array of new releases on its flagship OTT service, Jawwy TV, during the month of June. The new broadcasts target different age groups and preferences, promising quality entertainment for the whole family.

Among the new releases is Saudi comedy series ‘FBI’, a Jawwy original production revolving around three girls with one dream: to keep any girl from marrying the wrong guy. Driven by their vision, the three decide to start an investigation firm to dig up the past of suitors, which often ends in awkward but hilarious situations.

 June titles will also encompass new releases aired for the first time on Jawwy TV, including the Kuwaiti fantasy movie ‘Back to 2038’, the Egyptian comedy films ‘Inta Eih’, ‘Hayati Mtbahdella’ and ‘Silah Altilmiz’, in addition to the Lebanese film ‘Tashweesh’.

Markus Golder, CEO of Intigral said: “the company reaffirms its commitment to offering its customers entertainment of the highest caliber through providing distinctive content and a variety of options. We continuously update Jawwy TV’s library by adding new releases, including exclusive productions, which fall in line with Intigral’s strategy to offer quality content entertainment for the whole family.”

Mr. Golder added that Intigral follows through with its goal to increase original Saudi productions that would enrich Saudi film making, stimulate the entertainment industry, and showcase national talents. 

Jawwy TV boasts an extensive library with over 20,000 video titles of different categories and genres, catering to different age groups and preferences. The platform offers special features, including the option to watch missed episodes and to view content on multiple devices simultaneously.

To watch various entertainment programs, please visit, download ‘Jawwy TV’ application from app stores, or contact STC customer service to request a Jawwy TV home device.


About Intigral: 

Intigral is a leading digital entertainment company in the MENA region. It provides digital solutions via its “Dawri Plus” and “Jawwy TV” entertainment platforms. 

Dawri Plus platform provides an interactive streaming service for football matches and other sports and is the highest-rated and most-watched TV channel in its category, thanks to a unique viewing experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

Jawwy TV offers the latest movies, series, and top premium and free-to-air TV channels which can be accessed either via smart devices or at home via a special Jawwy Home box. The platform offers over 20,000 videos that encompass top Arab and global productions including series and movies, in addition to a large library of exclusive and original entertainment content as well as movies brought to you immediately after their screening in theatres.

Through Jawwy TV, viewers can enjoy an exceptional experience watching various programs in HD without any breaks or advertisements. It also offers subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages. Jawwy TV streaming services can be enjoyed via the Jawwy Home device or through iOS and Android devices and Chromecast features.