The leading digital platform for sports video and fan engagement

Dawri Plus is a leading digisports platform for delivering live match streaming and creating unique fan engagements. It allows fans to be part of the game, experiencing Saudi football anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Through Dawri Plus, STC (Saudi Telecom Company) activates its digital sports rights with an innovative OTT solution tailored around the passion of its customers for football. The platform enables customers to watch games while enjoying an immersive second screen experience with inbuilt fantasy gaming and social media interactivity.


Dawri Plus gives sports fans everything they need to enjoy the ultimate digital sports viewing experience. It is a multi-platform solution that supports video streaming as well as a wide range of user functionalities across web, tablet, mobile and apps.

Our advanced media player with playback (DVR) functions and overlays gives viewers superior control, while the engaging second screen proposition provides live stats, commentary and social media integration. Our comprehensive stats library is available for both live and on demand video.

To complement the football experience and increase fan engagement, Dawri Plus comes with a variety of gaming features, including fantasy football, score predictor and line-up predictor.


Turnkey Solution

The Intigral team has extensive knowledge and deep expertise in the sports industry. We support our clients across all aspects of the sports value chain, from developing impactful digital products to integrating and executing online and offline marketing activations.

Upstream, we help rights holders and brands develop their sports business proposition – from commercial and financial projections, to setting KPIs, and negotiating rights. We then spearhead product development, technology, content, video operations, measurement and analytics. Finally, we take care of all our clients’ marketing needs, from digital marketing and advertising to social media and on-ground activations.


Dawri Plus is a best-in-class solution built to offer STC customers the highest quality experience at home and on the go.

The product has been designed with a sports tailored UI/UX and seamlessly delivers live streaming and on-demand solutions on the web and via native iOS and Android apps. Video is delivered with low buffer rates and start up times, and high content availability is guaranteed. To enhance the user experience we provide a single sign-on engine across platforms, including user profiles.


Dawri Plus is powered by the Intigral cloud-based platform, which enables not only high-performance streaming and features, but also the ability to scale deployment with customization.

The customized content management system is tailored for sports and ensures that keeping content up-to-date is a simple process. The viewing experience is enhanced through the advanced and secured video player, which supports adaptive streaming (HLS and HDS), and the recommendation engine which adds a personalization factor.

To keep customers engaged, our platform also comes with a robust social media networks aggregator and powerful gaming engine.


The Intigral operations team is central to providing a best-in-class experience to Dawri Plus users. Headquartered in our state-of-the-art Master Control Room and Network Operations Center, the team manages the content retrieval, processing and delivery of all video assets.

They implement stringent quality controls throughout the process, monitor platform performance, and ensure the highest level of content availability and delivery.

Our enterprise-grade live video expertise and capabilities set us apart as one of the few providers with the technology and resources to manage the full suite of live match and VOD operations.


In all aspects of the delivery process, the Intigral team focuses on achieving the highest quality stream possible without creating excess load on networks.

Content for Dawri Plus is encoded using the latest High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format before being encrypted with multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions to ensure security across all our supported devices. The content is then delivered using adaptive streaming technology to ensure users achieve the best possible experience for their available bandwidth.

Video is delivered through a managed CDN network to improve data flows, minimize delivery times, and enhance the customer experience while managing network traffic.


Dawri Plus comes with advanced, cross-platform user-centric analytics and audience measurement tools which allow us to track customer behavior and content consumption. All this data, combined with the insights our experienced team provides, enables us to monitor and adapt to trends while offering the best viewing experience.

Integrated into the platform, and as part of our operations, we continually monitor and measure the system and video health, ensuring maximum performance throughout the complete process and across different viewing devices.


Dawri Plus not only increases brand loyalty with compelling content, it also offers additional revenue generation opportunities through built-in co-branding and advertising features.

For telcos, the bundling of broadband with high quality live sports content offers a crucial point of differentiation, enhancing brand value, customer retention, product loyalty and customer acquisition.