The next generation Pay TV solution for telcos

Jawwy TV is a best of breed, next generation pay TV solution that enables telcos to drive broadband uptake and generate new revenue through a product their customers will love.

We have developed a powerful cloud based platform capable of delivering high quality video to client apps and devices. Jawwy TV is an IPTV/OTT multi-screen solution which has been designed with a focus on “plug-and-play” for both the consumer and the telco.

With Jawwy TV, telcos are able to rapidly deploy an interactive viewing experience for both live and on demand content which is sure to drive deeper customer brand loyalty and maximize revenue generation opportunities.


Jawwy TV is a rich media experience that goes beyond TV; it includes a new level of content, interactivity, social integration and user experience that makes it one of the leading PayTV services available.

Jawwy TV is also capable of integrating 3rd party content providers directly into the UI, allowing viewers to subscribe to popular services right on the box with the convenience of a single bill for all their video entertainment.

Jawwy TV was designed with the user experience at the very heart of the product by integrating live channels, video on demand and popular apps into a dynamic and customer friendly interface.

Other features include:
  • Parental controls
  • Up to seven days rewind on live channels
  • Personalised watchlist
  • Search
  • Multi-screen
  • Social media sharing

Turnkey Solution

We offer our clients the full suite of services to reliably deliver a tailored and engaging OTT/IPTV solution to their customers.

Intigral takes care of the entire value chain, from business case, content acquisition, design and development, technical integration, training, delivery, analytics and marketing. Our video operations centre supports over 240 channels with real time censorship, marketing, promotions, translation and metadata enrichment.

We understand our clients have different needs which is why our experienced technology team provides tailored solutions for delivering video across private, multi-CDN and public networks while maintaining a high quality of experience.

Additionally the Intigral team provides logistics services for the set-top-box and network hardware.


We have focussed on collaborating with industry leading partners to build an IPTV/OTT product of the highest specifications possible. The expertise of our product teams, combined with those of our solutions providers, has enabled us to bring a best-of-breed solution to market.

Jawwy TV can be enjoyed over multiple screens including TV viewing via the set top box and native iOS (9+)/Android (Lollipop+) applications for both mobile and tablet.

The plug and play set-top-box comes in a sleek, desirable design with all the connectivity needed including HDMI out, optical audio, IR, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11AC support.

All the product specifications, combined with over 240 channels, makes Jawwy TV the perfect IPTV/OTT solution.



Jawwy TV has been built using our powerful, fully customisable video delivery platform which combines high-performance streams with rapid scalability.

It combines elastic, cloud-based services with an HTML/JavaScript front end to allow for optimal viewing and portability. The platform supports simple API integration for a range of native apps. We also employ high efficiency video codecs and adaptive streaming to deliver high quality content while consuming up to 50% less data than traditional video services.

To simplify the monetization process Jawwy TV comes with full billing and provisioning APIs and support for a variety of payment gateways.

Through this combination of technologies, Intigral is able to rapidly deploy a next generation PayTV experience on a low CAPEX model.


The Intigral video operations centre is responsible for the acquisition, processing, management and delivery of the full range of video services for Jawwy TV. Our enterprise video expertise and capabilities set us apart as one of the few providers with the technology and resources to manage the full suite of operations.

Headquartered in our state-of-the-art Master Control Room and Network Operations Centre, the operations team are the nerve centre of the organisation. They manage content retrieval and processing services, electronic program guides, censorship, translation, media delivery and network monitoring alongside creative services for content promotion.


In all aspects of delivery, from satellite downlink through to video playback, we focus on ensuring your customers get the highest quality video stream possible while managing the load on your networks.

We do this by encoding using the latest High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) format, encrypting with multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions and delivering using adaptive technology.

To further enhance delivery we use our private multi-CDN network. The master origin is positioned close to our Video Operations centre in a data centre-neutral Internet exchange, and the network CDNs are strategically placed to minimize the data load on our clients’ networks.


We recognize the value of data; not only to optimize performance but also to better understand customers and deliver more tailored viewing experiences. That’s why Jawwy TV comes with detailed analytics, live audience measurement and Quality of Experience monitoring to support our clients throughout the whole consumer lifecycle.

All this data, combined with the insights our expert teams provide, enables us to continually offer the best IPTV/OTT experience to viewers and optimize revenue generation for our clients.



The Jawwy TV IPTV/OTT product provides telcos with a range of revenue generation opportunities. Whether marketed as a standalone service, or bundled with broadband, it drives customers to higher value packages through on-platform subscription to services, supports revenue share models with third party apps and showcases our extensive transactional VOD library.

Jawwy TV gives telcos the edge in a fiercely competitive video market without the large CAPEX investment required for traditional IPTV solutions.